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Pharmaceutical Development

INDs (Investigational New Drug) & ANDs (Abbreviated New Drugs)



Pharmaceutical Application Processing

Filing and Managing all of the Processes for FDA Drug Applications



Pharmaceutical Compliance

FDA and Global Regulatory Compliance and Submission



Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Complete Facilities Design from inception to full FDA qualification


Drug and Biologics Licensing

 PTS Pharmaceutical Consulting Global Services is capable of arranging licensing agreement of its own products as well as products from its development partners in Europe, Asia and other countries to interested firms to mitigate some of the hazards associated with early product development with new drugs and ANDAs.

Drug-and-Biolologics-licensingThe model is a partnership that develops between two companies that have shared intentions, goals or fields of interest. These goals mainly pertain to research and development of a product. Generally when the final drug is developed, goes through testing and is on the market, the companies can share in the profits of the venture through the terms laid out in the licensing agreements.

In other cases a licensing deal can be struck with a pharmaceutical consulting company for distribution in foreign countries especially when pharmaceutical company with the rights to the product does not have the network built up to properly introduce the product into a given country.

Building that network can take time and resources, therefore it may be better to allow a company like ours to handle the distribution. PTS Consulting can facilitate such arrangements. The product may be marketed under either company's name, depending on the licensing agreement,and both share in the financial rewards.

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