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Pharmaceutical Consulting


Pharmaceutical Development

INDs (Investigational New Drug) & ANDs (Abbreviated New Drugs)



Pharmaceutical Application Processing

Filing and Managing all of the Processes for FDA Drug Applications



Pharmaceutical Compliance

FDA and Global Regulatory Compliance and Submission



Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Complete Facilities Design from inception to full FDA qualification


Preclinical and Animal Pharmacokinetics

 PTS Consulting Global Services provides the highest quality pharmaceutical scientific support through our laboratory animal health surveillance, disease diagnosis and biomarker analysis.

Preclinical-and-Animal-PharmacokineticsOur partner's laboratories in the US, Europe and Asia have streamlined operations dedicated to saving time and money while providing the most precise results possible.

Study protocols are becoming more complex. PTS Global Services offers pharmaceutical consulting and customized animal preconditioning tailored to your requirements. Whether you need an animal that has been surgically altered, fed a specialized diet or reared to a specific age, we can deliver study-ready animals when and where you need them.

preclinicspreclinics GmbH is a diverse research organization and service supplier. We are a partner for the development of drugs (small molecules, peptides, biologicals etc.), drug delivery formulations and medical devices, 

Efficacy Assessment and Pharmacokinetics - we are experienced in cardiovascular, inflammatory, orthopedic, hematological and oncological indications in various species to find and establish or develop the suitable test method for your product.

preclinics offers various Research Services for biological and clinical research.

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